Did you know that the wind blowing
around your business premises has value?

 Did you know that the wind blowing around your business premises has value?
That is to say, green value. When you convert this wind into energy, you are doing a good and sustainable job. This method of generating energy doesn’t release CO2. As soon as there is a little wind, the Blue Mill™ begins to generate energy. To effectively use this energy, simply connect an inverter or converter to the mains. Thus, sustainable business may be easier than you think.Our ‘wind scouts’ predict equal or even greater efficiency when using renewable wind energy.


Silent windmill for entrepreneurs

Unlike large scale wind turbines and many other ‘urban’ windmills, the Blue Mill™ produces little noise, even with strong wind. The noise is comparable to that of a refrigerator. Because of this, the Blue Mill is ideal for placement in an environment where entrepreneurs and employees spend a lot of time.

Benefits and yield

Generating your own sustainable energy has numerous advantages. Primarily, you are contributing to the sustainability of the world. This is also visibly seen thanks to the characteristic blue color.
The lowest acquisition cost in the market makes the Blue Mill™ the smartest investment in personal wind energy. Furthermore, it’s an investment that immediately and continuously pays for itself. The Blue Mill even generates energy in low wind – larger windmills require a wind strength of at least two on the Beaufort scale. Once the Blue Mill is operative, your energy bill will be lower. But there are more interesting financial factors to take into consideration. For example, you may be able to take advantage of (green) subsidies and tax benefits.

In The Netherlands the Blue Mill has an average performance of 1.200 kWh. For example our testlocation in Emmeloord. (inland). However, this power output is reduced (300 – 500 kWh) for inland locations, but increases to 2.800 kWh on the coast or along open waters.




Innovative design

The Blue Mill™ has an innovative design, not only because of the color, but also due to the construction of the rotor blades. These form a whole with the outer edge, whereby the mill rotates as a whole. This makes the mill very solid and easy to maintain.

The rotor blades are significantly larger than regular blades or vanes that are often used for ‘urban’ windmills. Therefore, the windmill does not have to rotate as fast to achieve a good return.


Our employees and partners would be more than happy to provide you with more information. We are familiar with the current regulations concerning permits in each country. We know whether a permit is required, or whether a tolerance policy is in effect.

With an average yield, measured in the Netherlands, the payback time is 10 years.

Contact us for an indication of the wind yield in your country or region.

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