The Blue Mill,
the smartest investment
in your own wind energy.

More and more entrepreneurs want to generate their own renewable energy, independently from large-scale energy companies. Currently, wind energy is one of the cleanest ways to generate green electricity, and it’s easy with the Blue Mill™. The Blue Mill has the lowest costs of acquisition among ‘urban’ wind turbines and is therefore, the smartest investment for generating your own wind energy.

The Blue Mill in brief

The traditional Dutch Blue Mill™ has a maximum diameter of 1.95 meters and is easily placed on, or next to, your business premises. Therefore, the Blue Mill is ideal for company grounds and urban areas. Thanks to the innovative design, the Blue Mill looks for the wind by itself and rotates in the right direction to achieve maximum efficiency for entrepreneurs.

Why choose for the Blue Mill?

  • The Blue Mill pays for itself faster than other ‘urban’ windmills due to the low costs of acquisition
  • Entrepreneurs will immediately notice a decline in their energy bill
  • Possibilities for subsidies and tax breaks
  • (Visible) contribution to a sustainable future
  • Low-noise and maintenance-friendly due to innovative design

Would you like to know more?

Make an appointment with our ‘wind scouts’ and discover how much yield the Blue Mill can achieve for you.

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